582280 4031406547900 1363724215 3690373 1838388163 nThe school environment group worked on ?AgroTourism and Water Management? in partnership with Gymnasio Kanalion in Magnesia (www.facebook.com/groups/372565742772656/) and traveled jointly to Perivoli in Grevena (near the National Park of Valia Calda).

It was the first time that two schools, far away from each other and with no other bonds between them, studied a common topic and organized a joint field trip.

Each school studied local natural resources and produced conclusions via comparison. The Gymnasio Aianis studied the prospective development of Lake Polifytos while the Gymnasio Kanalion of Lake Karla. Experiences were shared between the two schools.

The two schools met in the Valia Kalda national park, attended the ?EcoTourism? project at the Enviromental Education Centre of Grevena and materialized common activities ( visit at the Aziz Aga stone bridge, trekking, football matches, visits at spots of ecotouristic interest at altitude of 1,500m). The success of the whole experience ensured a new co-oepration the following school year.

Forty-five students from both schools, 2 principals and 3 teachers experienced the motto ?We are staying in Greece, we are learning our land, we are supporting ecotourism businesses?. Students were inspired to come up with innovative ideas for ecotouristic development in their unknown and underdeveloped areas. Some of the ideas might be transformed into students? perspective professional entrepreneurship.


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